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CODE aspires to enable pathways for rangatahi from intermediate through to high school and on to non-traditional or tertiary education options - helping and supporting whānau to understand the value the games industry can enable for them.

Papaki kau ana ngā tai o mihi.

Nau mai tauti mai ki ngā kaupapa Māori o CODE.

Me whakapakari ki te hua o te kawariki

Let the young mature on the fruit of the kawariki.

The Kawariki is a species of the Ranunculus, the seeds of which mature before release. This is used to express the wish of the tribe to flourish in order to overcome obstacles.


Kaupapa CODE interpretation of this is to enable whānau to thrive in games related careers to bridge the digital gap, create equity, intergenerational wealth and positive outcomes unforeseen for whānau.

Ānō me he whare pūngāwerewere

As though it were a spiderweb.


A compliment for a fine piece of work such as weaving or carving.


Kaupapa CODE's interpretation of this is to acknowledge the traditional arts are crafts that can merge into game driven careers. exposing the potential for the panicle of oral traditions, narrators, carvers, weavers, artist to imbued their world view and craft into creating authentic Māori games.

E kimi ana i ngā kāwai i toro ki tawhiti

Seeking the shoots that stretch far out.


Like shoots of the gourd or other creeping plant: the saying is applied to someone seeking to establish a distant relationship or seeking to rediscover their own roots.


Kaupapa CODE interpretation of this is to encourage those old and new to the games industry to establish firm pathways into a multitude of career options available; to solidify a space for them and embed their 'roots' far and wide to enable a stable future.

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Through collaboration with our Indigenous partners we will further grow opportunities for authentic Māori and Pacifica titles and employment throughout the region's game development industry.


Taikawa Tamati-Elliffe

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