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EnTWINEd Narratives

FINS brings interactive narrative tools and skills to the classroom.

Bayfield High School HOD Technology and Teacher of Digital Technology & Computing, Orla Liddle, attends EnTwined Narratives workshop.

The first of our Interactive Storytelling workshops was held at Bayfield High School at the end of last semester, introducing the interactive storytelling tool Twine to teachers.

Bringing interactive narrative tools and skills to classrooms is an important part of upskilling both students and teachers, while showcasing ways that school subjects can lead to career opportunities that students may have not considered.

The EnTWINEd Narratives series is designed and run by CODE's own Caelum Greaves, an intern from the University of Otago English and Linguistics Programme. Caelum enjoys classroom teaching, having taught creative writing at local primary schools while he was in high school, and is looking forward to bringing Twine to local students.

CODE FINS intern Caelum Greaves, delivers EnTWINEd Narratives Workshops as part of the Festival of Interactive Narrative & Storytelling.

"Twine is such a user-friendly tool, and with interactive storytelling becoming such a large part of our narrative lives, I think this kind of teaching should be done on a much larger scale. Interactive storytelling requires a different skill set from linear storytelling, and fostering these skills early opens so many doors for students."

The first workshop was aimed at bringing these skills and tools to the attention of educators, focusing on inspiring the integration of these tools with existing assessment standards, and the use of interactive storytelling devices in cross-department projects.

EnTWINEd Narratives Workshop at the 2023 National Association of Media Educators (NAME) Conference at Otago Polytechnic.

Caelum is running further workshops over the coming weeks, including presenting at the 2023 National Association of Media Educators Conference at Otago Polytechnic, and helping Year 10 Bayfield students create individual projects in Twine. These projects are based on work the students were already doing in the classroom, using Twine to create an interactive space where students can express creativity while building long-lasting skills.

"Twine is a great way to help students bridge the gap between English and Digital Technologies, and understand how their writing skills can be put to use in storytelling and gaming spaces."

Interactive Storytelling, EnTWINEd Narratives student showcase, part of Festival of Interactive Narrative and Storytelling, will be exhibited at Otago Museum Saturday 12th - Sunday 14th May at Otago Museum. Come and see what local rangatahi have produced!


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