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Studio Profile: Deep Field Games

An interview with Henry Feltham, production director and narrative designer at Deep Field Games.

So what was the original inspiration for Abiotic Factor (ABF)?

A lot of different ideas came together for ABF to get off the ground. Our love of weird science was a huge part of it. Plus we're all big co-op gamers. And everyone wants a new Half Life game, right?

How did Deep Field Games come together as a team?

A whole lot of things just lined up. Geoff and I had worked together previously, plus Kate Colvin was available and Unfortunate Spacemen was doing well. Connor Moran, our Art Director was killing it. People noticed, and were asking about future plans. We felt it was time to set up our own studio and run with it.

How does narrative design feature in ABF?

We were clear from the outset that we wanted deep narrative, but also to wear it lightly. We were influenced by the way games like Dark Souls embed their story, and the tone of universes like SCP and Backrooms. It's about having a rich world, with a strong inner logic, then deploying it to nudge the player forward, not haul them along behind you.

Who's going to enjoy this game?

Our team! In all seriousness though, we're making the game we want to play. But pre-alpha testing has made it pretty clear we're not the only ones. It's pointed at the co-op crowd, open-world survival-crafting fans looking for something a little different, but also leaning into the retro sci-fi/paranormal vibe, so appeals to people who are into stories like Backrooms - that's us!


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