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Studio Profile: Hyporeal

An interview with Josiah Hunt, founder and director of Hyporeal.

So what was the original inspiration for Blackheart?

Blackheart is inspired by two fantasy books that I wrote in high school and university. I wanted to tell those stories through the medium of games, something I am deeply passionate about. To me the greatest joy is sharing something personal with others and having it resonate with them in an emotional way.

What kind of player do you think will enjoy the game?

Blackheart's players are action/RPG lovers who love games that immerse and challenge them. If you like the sound of Diablo style gameplay with the cutthroat politics of Game of Thrones, Blackheart is for you.

This is Hyporeal's first commercial game. What has the journey been like so far?

Incredible, difficult and immensely rewarding! I feel extremely fortunate to be able to pursue my dream career with a skilled and passionate team behind me. We've been hard at work bringing Blackheart to life, and can't wait for the player base to enjoy the final product. Taking a leap of faith and starting on the project was the best decision I've ever made, personally.

If you could go back in time three years and give yourself some advice, what would it be?

You'll have to make difficult decisions sometimes. You have to tow the line between following other's advice and putting your foot down and sticking to your guns. Both are important skills to have. Too much of the former and you'll never create something that's authentic to you. Too much of the latter and you'll stagnate, not to mention that nobody will want to work with you.


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