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CODE NZ goes to Melbourne International Games Week and PAX AUS

After a false start during the pandemic and the borders reopening, we are making our dream come true!

Overall, our cohort has around forty members making their way to Melbourne for Game Connect Asia Pacific, Games For Change APAC and of course exhibiting at PAX AUS.

Here's what we're bringing to PAX AUS:

  • Abiotic Factor, Deep Field Games - Co-op 2000's inspired survival.

  • Toroa, Atawhai Interactive - Wholesome game about an albatross exploring, with authentic Te Ao Māori themes.

  • Blackheart, Hyporeal - 2D Dark Fantasy adventure RPG.

  • Under the Tavern, Mune Studio - Dungeon crawler with cartoon booze jokes and a janky sense of humour.

  • Picky Meowy, Cheese Berries - It's a grumpy cat puzzle game. I'm already sold.

  • It's Only Money, Usual Suspects Studios - What if Taika Waititi remade GTA?

  • Bustin', Mad Carnival - Someone had to make a toiler paper game, but good fun after these last few years.

  • Before We Leave, Balancing Monkey Games - The Cosy Citybuilder is back but they're teasing something new.

The biggest dose of Aotearoa-made games on the PAX AUS expo floor ever!

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